Taco Tenders Giveaway and Review


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Taco Tenders Review and Giveaway

About Product:

  • Full Name of Product: Taco Tenders!
  • Type of Product: Taco shell holders
  • Uses: These are used for hard OR soft shell tacos. Just place your taco shell or tortilla in a taco tender slot and fill it with all of your ingredients! It’s amazing because your yummy fillings don’t fall out because the taco tender holds the shells upright!

My Full Impression: I love these! I think that they need to be included in every taco night, everywhere!

  • Using My Senses:
  1. Sight- Each taco tender has 3 slots, so it holds 3 tacos. Whether it’s a crunchy taco or a soft shell taco, it holds both in an upright position so your ingredients wont fall out. The slots are the perfect size for your shells to fit right in!
  2. Touch- These are a great quality, so you never have to worry about them breaking or cracking. You can tell as soon as you touch them that they are made of a very high quality material.
  • 1-5 Star Rating: ★★★★★ Love these!

  Why should you purchase this product? You should purchase these because they make taco night even more fun! Also because I have a promo code for you to use (see below)!

  • Price: Only $2.99 per Taco Tender
  • Price Vs. Quality: Umm only $3 for something that will never break and can be used over and over again! There are never deals like this anymore!
  • Variety- These come in white, black, red, and blue
  • Would I purchase this product? Most definitely!
  • Where to Purchase: Tacotender.com
  • Use my PROMO CODE: PRETTIES for 10% off your order

  Connect with this company for more information, giveaways, and new products:

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Dimples BBQ Sauce Giveaway & Review

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Full Name of Product: Dimples BBQ Sauce Original “Sweet”
Type of Product: BBQ Sauce
Price of Product: $6.00 for a 16oz bottle
Where to purchase:  
You can purchase the BBQ Sauce HERE
Websites and Social Media: Website/ Twitter/Facebook/ Pinterest

You can also purchase the BBQ Sauce from THESE RETAILERS




First impression: Wow! What a great big bottle of BBQ sauce! I was excited to see a 16 oz bottle. I opened it to smell the sweet and yummy aroma! 

Taste: Well, my boyfriend, mother, and I first tried this sauce on homemade wings. Unfortunantely, I was so excited to eat them that I forgot to take a picture. Oopsie. Anyways, the sauce was delicious on our wings. We scarfed them down. I usually don’t eat BBQ wings because the sauce always seems too overpowering and too sweet for my taste. This sauce, however, is sweet with a hint of a smoked flavor. Last night we tried the BBQ sauce on our stove cooked (we don’t have a grill yet) burgers. My oh My, was it delicious! We put jalepenos on our burgers and the spicy mixed with the sweet made for a perfect burger. The sauce is the perfect consistency. Not too thick or too liquidy. My boyfriend and I actually believe this is just as good, if not better than a particular name brand BBQ sauce that every loves (SBR).

Dimples BBQ Sauce.jpg

Final Thoughts: This is delicious and can be eaten with many different recipes!

Price Vs. Quality: Wow only $6 for a 16oz bottle! That’s a fantastic price!

How I rate the product on a scale of 1 to 5: 5!!

Would I purchase this product for a friend? Most definitely!

Hashtag: #GettinSauced #Dimples #SouthernBBQ #DBQ #Giveaway @DimplesBBQSauce

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★ Newman’s Own Organics Snack Pack Review and Giveaway

“Great tasting products that happen to be organic” -Newman’s Own Organics

Contact Information: Website / Facebook
 GIVEAWAY ALERT: Newman’s Own Organics Snack Pack – Entry Form

Interesting Facts about Newman’s Own Organics:

  • This company was founded in 1993 when Nell Newman and Peter Meehan were looking for organic snack food and realized the demand for organic snack food was on the rise!
  •  It’s easy to confuse Newman’s Own and Newman’s Own Organics products. NOO started as a division of Newman’s Own in 1993 by Nell Newman and her business partner, Peter Meehan, but became a separate company in early 2001. The two companies have separate lines of products
  • This company started with pretzels and each year they grew by adding other organic snack foods, teas, coffees, vinegars, and even pet food (They are STILL growing and always creating new organic items). By 2001, Newman’s Own Organics became an independent company.
  • All products are chosen typically by personal preference (of Peter and Nell) and based on what sales happen to be booming at the time. Pretzels for example, many of their products were created with their favorite childhood snacks in mine 🙂


★= This product made it into My June 2014 Favorites!

Yacon Syrup Review

Disclosure: I must let you know, I was NOT paid to write this review, but I did receive the item at no cost to me for giving my true and HONEST opinion.

Full Name of Product: Yacon Syrup Premium
Type of Product: 100% Pure Raw Organic Syrup
Price of Product: $19.97
Where to purchase:  
You can purchase the product on Amazon HERE
Websites and Social Media: Website


Yacon Syrup


First impression: I was surprised at the size of the bottle. I opened it to smell it- You know me! Hehe. I have never had raw or pure syrup before so I was surprised at the way it smelled. It smells a bit rich, yet sour. Very interesting. The color of the syrup is actually black. It looks like chocolate syrup to me. Hehe.


About: Well, this is not thick like normal syrup. I think a reason is because this is also considered a natural sweetener that can be mixed with tea and coffee. You can also take this daily as a dietary supplement. This syrup is made from the yacon plants in Peru.


Taste and Texture: My boyfriend and I ate these on waffles. The first taste was a shock to me! This is very sour, in my opinion. My boyfriend found this to taste very sweet and natural. It does leave a pleasant after taste, unlike many sweeteners and syrups do. A little bit goes a very long way, unlike with typical syrup. It tastes a bit like honey and fig to me. While this is not for me, it would be a great alternative for syrups and sweeteners.


Final Thoughts: It is good for what it is.

Price Vs. Quality: I think the price is good for 8 fl oz bottle.

How I rate the product on a scale of 1 to 5: I rate this a 3 because it really isn’t for me.

Would I purchase this product for a friend? If they tasted it and liked it, yes.

Hashtag: #lifefoodyacon

Disclosure: Again, I was not paid to write this review, but I did receive the item(s) free for testing purposes. Regardless of my opinion on this company/item , I would never give anything but my honest opinion and would only recommend products or services that I would use myself. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

PB Crave Peanut Butter Review and Giveaway ★


Connect with PB Crave: Twitter / Facebook / Website 

** An important thing to note is that a minimum of 2% of the profits from every jar of peanut butter go to a non-profit organization focused on treating malnourished children ** 


★  = This product made it into my June Favorites!!

My May 2014 Favorites ★


1. Cypress and 5th

Cypress and 5th is a clothing subscription service that allows you to choose clothing from a “Dressing Room” that they open for you each month. The monthly cost is $75.00 for beautiful, high-quality clothing and accessories.

On the 1st of each month Cypress and 5th opens a dressing room for you. You can either choose 1 top/1 bottom/1 accessory or 1 dress/1 accessory and they will reserve it and ship it to you by the 6th of the month. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with your dressing room for the month just simply send them an email and they will give you and alternative dressing room. If for some reason you cannot afford the items for the month or you can’t find anything you particularly want (which is never because their clothing is stylish and beautiful) you can choose to opt out or skip that month at no cost to you.

I highly recommend Cypress and 5th to any woman looking for a new twist to their wardrobe. If you are lacking in the style department or you just want something new and different, Cypress and 5th is the place for you. The clothing is always beautiful and they manage to always send items that fit just right! Not to mention, the customer service is impeccable! Give them a chance and tell them I sent ya 😉





2.  Hanau Premium Liquor Cakes

This is a company is still campaigning to raise enough money to open a bakery. Their cakes are absolutely delicious. I had the honor of receiving a free sample from them this month and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious and addicting these cakes are! I tried the original Cruzan Rum Cake.

All of their cakes are made with popular liquors such as Jose Cuervo, Jim Beam, and Cruzan. They offer  a variety of flavors like the Jose Cuervo Margarita cake, the Cruzan Rum Banana Cake, and a few more!  These cakes are sent in a reusable tin can. These tins can be reused for many different things such as spare change, jewelry, food bowl, Jello bowl, mini liquor bottles, makeup holder- these are just the ideas I came up with. The options are really endless.

These cakes have a 6 month freshness guarantee and come in beautiful tin cans which make them perfect as gifts! Being that the cakes are less than 5 % alcohol and safe for ANYONE to eat, you can share with the entire family.

I really have faith in this company and I highly suggest that you give them a try! Right now they are offering cake packages at discounted prices for pre order. If you sign up for and Indiegogo account and share their campaign you have the opportunity to win cakes and merchandise to! Please order cakes while you can and help this company make it big! They really deserve it!





Disclosure: These are solely my personal opinions on the products/sites. I was not told to write this review and I would only suggest items that I would purchase myself and that I have 100% faith in! 

Shop Miss A – My new addiction? I think YES.

Shopmissa.com is an awesome new website that sells rings, bracelets, necklaces, nail polish, makeup, and accessories. Here is the kicker- Everything is only $1.00 !! This site is great! In the past month I have purchased about 5 times from them and I have not been disappointed. For only $1.00 the quality of the products is really good. If you are a fan of midi rings like I am, this site has tons of them! Oh and did I mention the shipping for the US is a flat rate of $3.95!

Another great feature of the website is that they release new items almost every day, so it never gets old. They have a limited supply of all of their items so you have to order quickly! I think it’s fun to hurry to get the best items before they sell out. They usually do not reorder stock, so when it’s gone , it’s GONE.

They also have E.L.F products which most of you know are good quality for a low price. The great thing is that they do restock E.L.F products.

So basically, you can’t go wrong with the low price and in style items on shopmissa.com. If you are a fashion/beauty enthusiast like I am, then shopmissa.com is the site for you! I am a bargain shopper and it doesn’t get much better than $1!

What sites do you think have the best bargain prices? Please share the secret bargain sites so I can drool!! **Upcoming Giveaway with some of these products!!*

Thank you for reading! & Happy Shopping!

 Everything was only $1.00!! What do you think?