Product Review Inquiries

Want me to review your product or company? Please send me an email:

Please Be Aware:

  • As of right now, I do not charge for product reviews, but I do expect a full size complimentary product to keep for my review.
  • I will always give my full and honest opinion of your product. If I have an issue with your product or I do not like it, I will happily contact you before proceeding with my review.
  • If you would like specific links, keywords, or hashtags in the review I will be happy to do that as well.
  • I also like for my readers to get a little something special, so samples or a product discount code (or invite link for subscription boxes) is requested, but not necessary.
  • I like to take my own pictures of the products, so my readers know that the product is indeed, legitimate. If you want me to post specific pictures, let me know.
  • I will only do YouTube videos on certain products. If you would like a video done of your product, please ask.

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