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To enter each giveaway click on the giveaway name and you will be redirected to the enter form. Thanks for visiting!

My Giveaways Button

Thank you for entering! Remember, I would never host a giveaway that I didn’t believe in. Each giveaway is by a company that I have personally worked with. The products and companies are ONLY those that I would personally buy from or recommend.

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Terms & Condtions.png

  • These rules and regulations only apply to giveaways hosted by me. I cannot speak for “Other Blogger Giveaways”
  • These giveaways are limited to the ages 18+ and the USA only. (Unless otherwise specified)
  • All entries will be verified and entries that are not valid will be deleted.
  • The winner will be announced via email and on all Women and Their Pretties social media accounts.
  • Winners will be selected at random!
  • All giveaway prizes will be the responsibility of the sponsor or company to ship to prize winner. If the sponsor or company does not follow through on shipment of your prize Women and Their Pretties is not responsible.

Email me at: with any questions.

Check out all of the Winners of Women & Their Pretties’ Giveaways! 


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