Shop Miss A – My new addiction? I think YES. is an awesome new website that sells rings, bracelets, necklaces, nail polish, makeup, and accessories. Here is the kicker- Everything is only $1.00 !! This site is great! In the past month I have purchased about 5 times from them and I have not been disappointed. For only $1.00 the quality of the products is really good. If you are a fan of midi rings like I am, this site has tons of them! Oh and did I mention the shipping for the US is a flat rate of $3.95!

Another great feature of the website is that they release new items almost every day, so it never gets old. They have a limited supply of all of their items so you have to order quickly! I think it’s fun to hurry to get the best items before they sell out. They usually do not reorder stock, so when it’s gone , it’s GONE.

They also have E.L.F products which most of you know are good quality for a low price. The great thing is that they do restock E.L.F products.

So basically, you can’t go wrong with the low price and in style items on If you are a fashion/beauty enthusiast like I am, then is the site for you! I am a bargain shopper and it doesn’t get much better than $1!

What sites do you think have the best bargain prices? Please share the secret bargain sites so I can drool!! **Upcoming Giveaway with some of these products!!*

Thank you for reading! & Happy Shopping!

 Everything was only $1.00!! What do you think?


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